Monday, May 10, 2010

Is there some reason this president needs... surround himself with lesbian women?

Obama will pick Elena Kagan for high court: source

Kagan, 50, may be considered one of the safest bets for Obama because she has not worked as a judge and so has not authored any controversial opinions--NICE. So, she has not, like him, had any proper EXPERIENCE?

Is it because she is a reputed lesbian and what is known as a 'fag-hag'? Or simply because, as we well know, he has no taste in choosing women?

Should a lesbian be a member of the Supreme Court? Isn't there some kind of 'partisanship' if Elena Kagan is appointed to the Supreme Court?

Is Barry Soetoro OUT OF HIS MIND? Yes, I think the man has gone BONKERS, BIG TIME!

Just askin'....

Oh, goody!

Now the two Lesbians can play MORE games!

Elena Kagan, probable choice for a Supreme Court position.

Janet Napolitano, the 'ne'er do well' 'Head of Nothin'