Sunday, December 20, 2009

What does he say now?

Shortly after his inauguration, Barry made the following statement about "flinty Chicago toughness". I wonder if he felt the same as AFO flew him back from his failure in Copenhagen.

Late January, 2009

Washington, D.C.—Republicans in Congress are blasting President Obama for recent comments he made regarding his incredulity at the inability of Washingtonians to deal with snow and ice. His attitude is being billed as elitist and anathema to the consensus-driven agenda that Obama is pushing.

After snow and ice lightly covered Washington, D.C. and its environs on Tuesday, (late January, 2009) the president wondered aloud, “Aren’t you a little surprised that they canceled school for my kids?” He continued: “Because of what? Some ice? . . . We’re going to have to apply some flinty Chicago toughness to this town.”

March 2009

The Ultimate Washington Cover-Up: Snow!

Bob Schieffer Says What Every Child Knows: Peace and Contentment Can Be Found in a Blizzard

December 2009

Washington woke up a different place yesterday. No, I don't mean elected officials suddenly put aside partisan games.

No, Washington was - depending on how you look at it - the victim OF, or blessed BY, the ultimate cover-up.

We were covered up by a huge snow!

From the Capitol, where the Senate was locked in nasty debate, to the White House, Washington was transformed into a Winter Wonderland.

That's the thing about snow: The cliches come tumbling down with the first flakes. We can't help ourselves.

But even the torrent of words and descriptions we're heard a million times before can't beat the scenes that a snowfall paints.

There's an old Washington truth (another cliche to be sure) that where we stand depends on where we sit. A snow just underlines that.

Adults dread snow because it means school closings, snow drifts, detours and blocked sidewalks.

Children on the other hand love snow for exactly the same reasons - school closings, snow drifts, detours and blocked sidewalks.

Is that then a thought for the holiday season? That when we allow the inconveniences of modern life to overwhelm us, we miss what every child knows but can't really explain: that a change in the weather - the first snow, a sign of spring, a summer sunset - can make us smile and helps us to find peace and contentment.

Are there miracles?

I believe snow can be a miracle, but only if we allow it to be.

Sunday Open House

For those of you born at 12:01 AM, on April 20th

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Certain relationships suffer from confusion now. Past lessons seem not to have learned. A recurrence of problems points out that the situation needs to be approached differently.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Take extra effort to place yourself in a good light. Appearances are as important as fact now and people will be looking at both what you say and what you do.

Christmas Cheer from the Religion of Peace

Did Stanley Ann never tell this child the story?

You know, of "The Boy who Cried Wolf"?

The old story of the little boy who cried wolf keeps coming to mind. You know the story. The little boy would try to scare people by yelling “wolf”; but he did it so often that no one listened to him and then, one day, a real wolf showed up and the boy yelled for help and no one believed him. The wolf got the little boy.

Lately I’ve begun to wonder: didn’t President Barack Obama have a parent or grandparent tell him that story of the wolf? Didn’t someone tell him about the dangers of sending up the scare flag too often?

Consider that President Obama told the nation that Congress needed to pass his huge stimulus package or the country would fail, unemployment would surge past 8% and more people would lose their homes.

Congress passed the multi billion dollar stimulus package and unemployment has shot up into the double digits, more people are losing their homes to foreclosures, businesses are closing, and more and more people are wondering just where the stimulus went.

And now the president, in an ABC interview with Charles Gibson, has again cried “wolf”.

President Obama told Gibson that if congress fails to pass his health care legislation – if it fails to green light spending one sixth of the nation’s economy on this health care legislation – the nation will go bankrupt!


If Congress fails to approve spending over a trillion dollars on a health care plan – that takes thousands of pages to describe and no one can describe – the United States of America will go bankrupt? The proverbial wolf is at the door again?

I think not. And a growing number of Americans think not. More and more people are waking up to the fact that, although President Barack Obama is charming, charm only works when coupled with honesty, integrity and follow through on promises made.

So far, the President’s track record doesn’t look so good.

When he campaigned for the presidency, Mr. Obama promised to bring all our servicemen home, yet now he is sending more of our young men and women into war.

He promised to keep unemployment below 8%. It’s over 15% in many cities.

He promised to bring transparency into government and to put all bills on the Internet for thirty days before he’d sign anything. Not one has gone up on the Internet.

He promised that all Congressional meetings on the budget would be aired on C-Span and not behind closed doors.

They’re still behind closed and locked doors.

He promised to keep lobbyists out of government, yet he’s hired many big lobbyists for top government jobs.

He promised to close Gitmo prison and restore America’s prestige around the world. Instead, he’s just moving the terrorist detainees to Illinois and naming the prison something else.
Ever hear of the shell game?

Or is this more aptly called “ The Chicago Way”?

Yeah, that's him, right there, in 'Dopenhagen', looking angry, NO, more like a little brat acting out.

But he does not look healthy. He looks quite dehydrated and, frankly, no longer "young".

Could it be all the arugula from the lead-tainted White House garden might be taking its toll?

Look closely...his shirt collar fits very loosely.

Where is the report on the physical examination of this President?

A Low Part, or just a Comb-over?

Pay-to-Play Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska

Deal on health bill is reached

Senate Democrats said Saturday that they had closed ranks in support of legislation to overhaul the nation's health-care system, ending months of internal division and clearing a path for quick Senate passage of President Obama's top domestic policy priority.

Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) secured the pivotal 60th vote after acceding to the demands of Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) for tighter restrictions on insurance coverage for abortions, along with increased federal aid for his home state and breaks for favored health-care interests.

"Change is never easy, but change is what's necessary in America," Nelson said at a morning news conference, announcing his support as a snowstorm raged outside.

Speaking at the White House, Obama said it appears that a vote is certain on a bill that would provide coverage to more than 30 million uninsured Americans. "After a nearly century-long struggle, we are on the cusp of making health-care reform a reality," said Obama, who had dispatched senior administration officials to help lock down Nelson's support.

(More BS+, from B+ Obama!)

Republicans excoriated the bill as a threat to Medicare -- cuts to the program for the elderly would offset much of the cost -- and to the employer-based insurance system, which provides health coverage to most Americans.

"This bill is a monstrosity," said Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). "This is not renaming the post office. Make no mistake -- this bill will reshape our nation and our lives."

Read the rest...if it doesn't make you too ill?

Then, you've got real problems!

Secret Service Alert

Very creative, from Aristotle the Hun:

New photo of couple who sneaked into the White House without credentials!