Friday, July 16, 2010

Does Obama even understand?

Just something I learned in high school...and he apparently DID NOT and never could.

"Alea jacta est".

Words spoken by Caesar, in Rome, the United States counterpart these days.

"Alea jacta est". It is Latin. Haven't you ever studied that?

Gee, what do you think it means?

"The die has been cast".

Oh, right, we thought that meant that Barry (and his wifey) could ascend the throne, right?

But...there is no throne in America, unless you've been dinking very heavily and need to find one to puke in.

(I think he thought and still thinks there is a throne for him, but it would be 'down the hall and the first right on your right' (so I've been told), and I have the feeling that Barack Obama, with his '57 states', and the fact that his 'father served in WWII' (find it for yourself; I DID!), has no idea right now where he is, other than on the Maine shores with his wife and daughters, one of whom he seems to have a preference for, though, "she's looking too old for me."

Is this president some sort of pervert, hanging his arm around this 12 year old girl's shoulder?

Is that why she is being sent away, to a four-week sleep-over camp (her first time away) in banishment?

and possibly even in the present?

Is she becoming some kind of 'DRAW' for Daddy, or what?

Or is this 12 year-old a threat to Michelle?

Of course, the White House (Bobbie Gibbs is on his way out, I think) would not explain. He would back off and take his pasty, high forehead to the nearest buffet.

But I, as a former mother, have some pertinent questions:

(1) Why are you hanging on your young daughter and not on your wife? It's a vacation! Butt, I guess no kinda romance there, because you're pretty gay-acting.

(2) Why are you hanging on your young daughter? She certainly does not look comfortable, and you should know, as a Dad (but you're not, apparently, that YOU DO NOT TOUCH YOUR DAUGHTER AFTER SHE HAS DEVELOPED BREASTS!)

And isn't it so nice that Valerie Jarret, 'Barry's surrogate Mommy' is hovering over Natasha, teaching this young child the rudiments of 'life in the Obama family'?

Barry, you creep, I refuse to address you at your rank, because you are RANK and DISGUSTING.

LEAVE YOUR DAUGHTER ALONE, arsehole! Do not introduce her to your life of 'stained pants', the times you had with "FRANK". You're a complete arsehole if you do!

(Butt, he probably won't...those types of things kind of run in families, don't they? Foolin' aroun' is a Progressive thang, ain't it? Look at where his Mommy was, and who she was with, fer'instance!).

Seriously, do some research on Stanley Anne Dunham. You'll find a lot, as I did.

Her relationship with her own father seemed kind of creepy to me, because he gave her a name he would have given a SON, and she could never be that.

Stanley Anne's die was cast, and she chose it, she liked it, especially after she found Barack Obama, Sr. and used him for Barry's father on a non-existent birth certificate in Hawai'i.

And Barry, the son as she most likely truly named him, has now seen the die cast--against him!

As Ceasar stated ( and let us learn from history):

Alea Jacta Est.

The Extreme Beauty of the Abalone

I may have shown this before, my abalone shell on one of my very apropos abstract backgrounds. Actually, it was my mother's abalone shell, which she acquired in the mid-1950s.

I guess now, it is considered an 'antique'.

I've kept it clean and photographed it a number of times, but never shot the outside until the other day.

What do you think? (Click to enlarge)

The colors inspire me to paint (but it's still too HOT here in Chicago to do it the way I do, as Leonardo did, with layers and layers of glazes, each less than a hair's breadth), so I thought I would give you ALL this benefit, instead of trying to sell it to just one person.

Nature, with all of her vagaries, continues to have no match in Man!

And didn't the Creator really do some marvelous beauty...unlike Man's idea, loaded with pancake make-up, mica glitter and the FALSEST of false eyelashes?