Tuesday, July 13, 2010

President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce...

...really likes to LIVE IN THE PAST!

Captured from www.rp1000.blogspot.com

Norshore Theater and its environs were torn down to make way for Ald. Joe Moore's lovely project, The Gateway Centre, which now contains a few businesses, a Dominick's with OUTRAGEOUSLY high prices, and a lot of unrented spaces (which I have photographed a number of times and which continue to be troubling.).

But Bill Morton can only think of 'what used to be'! I am certain a part of him is destroyed by the teardown of 1561 W. Howard, the former Wisdom Bridge Theatre (which Eva McCann and her group abso-freakin-lutely destroyed with Ald. Jo Moore's blessing, and probably some of the Ald.'s menu money) (I TOLD YOU SO, BILL!, BUT YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE ME!).

But you see, Bill Morton, a man of some limited intelligence, cannot seem to wrap his head around those facts, and continues to bemoan the fact that the Adelphi Theater was torn down, and the Norshore Theater was torn down.

Boo-freakin-hoo, Bill Morton. Did you ever consider growing up (because you owe me, personally, a nice chunk of bucks--$1,425 to be sure--for saving your sorry ass from eviction at 1205 N. Sherwin Avenue, SUITE 803?). A fact which you, as Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce PRESIDENT, refuse to address?

Have you considered at all the fact that your Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce has defaulted on the monies owed me for the seeding of that organization?

While you sit there with your dog who pees all over the carpet in your apartment, and continually humps a stuffed animal, Bill, start to think about the fact that I, an older woman, gave you money and food in order to survive, and I also allowed you to have your dream come true--a Chamber of Commerce, to which I LOANED the necessary dollars.

Which you have not repaid--not one buck to me personally, and your Chamber missed your June '31st' phony repayment date.

And you have the audacity to not utter a word to me...to let your 'costumed' Interim Treasurer, James Alan Wilkowski, the SEIU 880 member and County worker in David Orr's office (where you once worked, but obviously couldn't hack it there) speak to me in your stead, and try to belittle me due to my AGE, with one of YOUR photographs?

Why, Bill Morton?
(What your bishop-close friend has done is called DISCRIMNATION. Shall I sue the 'costumed' creep? I am certainly thinking about doing just that!).

Oh, I know why--you and the Bishop, James Alan Wilkowski, have no balls and never will! EVER!

What a condescending piece of crap is the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

And just what has it done to help this community to thrive and GROW?

Time for a Special 'Thank You'!

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The First Hypocrites- Michelle O Encourages People to Vacation on the Gulf while heading to Maine

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Today's Excursion

I haven't gone out much in this heat we've been having in Chicago. But it was today, or never, in my book...had to take the trip to Evanston to pay the internet bill (and buy some frames for my photos. I'm hoping to do a show...somewhere...soon.).

This sculpture resides high above Maple Street in Evanston, right across from Blick Art Supples and a bit more than a block north of the Davis El Station. To me. it's kind of scary. I no longer like heights again (got over that once, but these days, that dislike has returned.).

On my way back to my place, I shot these beautiful pink gladioli. They are are soooo cheerful!

But when I finally got home, I had these! YUM! Peaches!