Monday, October 4, 2010

A Picture Postcard Day--almost

Downtown Chicago was rather gorgeous today! Clouds and a true blue sky reflected in many of the fine buildings.

"Cloudgate", Stone Container Building and Trump Tower

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Building

The Sax Man was playing joyfully outside the Bennigan's at Adams Street and Michigan Boulevard. I stood and listened for about five minutes...and dropped a bill in his tip cup. He thanked me so quietly--without missing a beat!

The parkway in front of the Harold Washington Library has been beautifully planted for autumn. Mums are yet to blossom, but this Ornamental Cabbage really drew me in. These are huge--more than two feet across!

And then there is this:

The EYE!
It's in the newish Pritzker Park, across from the library, at the corner of State and Van Buren Streets. The lovely building behind this monstrosity is the Fisher Building, which I have always thought would be a nice place to live--as the view over Lake Michigan must be fantastic if one lives on a higher floor.

The EYE, courtesy of Chicago artist Tony Tassett

Mr. Tassett apparently thinks he is an equal of Salvador Dali and/or Rene Magritte. The sculpture medium is Fibreglas (TM); the painting is done with a spray gun. This is a very creepy piece which will thankfully 'end its run', hopefully, later this month!