Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Just opposite 1217 W. Chase Avenue is a circular 'focal point' for the turn-around (Chase ends at the Lake Michigan Shore) which is populated by a large Scotch Pine, which attracts wildlife.

One of the neighbors planted sunflowers there this year, and as you see, they are stripped! I believe they were planted for the birds, who must have had some hearty chowdowns this autumn!

The question I have, however, is how much asbestos dust did the poor birds and the many squirrels in this area ingest along with the seeds since greedy Swanette Triem began building her parking lot on the asbestos-ridden remains of the North Shore School?

(See previous post: "Swanette's Lot: Above the Law?")

Swanette's Lot: Above the Law?

Swanette Triem is up to her old tricks--again!

Work has been going on at the former site of the North Shore School, 1217 W. Chase Avenue here in Rogers Park. Matter of fact, the site is about one -half block east on my building.

There is no, I repeat: NO posted permit (as required by law) for the construction of this parking lot!

When she "bought" the demolition of NSS with campaign monies given to 49th Ward Alderschmuck, Joe "always on the take" Moore back in early March 2008, that demolition was halted by IEPA due to asbestos contamination of the grounds.

But dear, greedy Swanette had her crews come in on the weekends. NO precautions were taken to prevent asbestos from blowing all over the entire neighborhood.

As of Thursday, 22OCT2010, you can see that the huge shovel has been stirring up what remains of the NSS rubble, permeating the air with asbestos dust again! And why?

Because Swanette's cheezy, cheap-ass demo crew pushed all leftover rubble into the NSS basement! That's how GREEN the PROGRESSIVE thinking is here in the 49th Ward of Chicago!

Swanette's lovely (SARC) building is the one on the left.

As you see, the retaining walls are up, and that pile of crushed stone is at least 9 feet tall.

Soooo, greed is rewarded in the 49th Ward again! I guess PROGRESSIVE Joe Moore considers that a real triumph, huh?

What a couple of DOPES!