Tuesday, August 30, 2011

As we prepare to remember...

...September 11, 2001...

...please also remember those 3,000 or so lost on that day, and their family and friends who remain..

Also...remember that radical Islamists caused this devastation, demonstrating to the world that Islam is NOT the religion of peace!

I can see the 'fambly' resemblance, can't you...

...especially in the ears and the smile.

Omar Onyango Obama, arrested for DUI in Massachusetts (ALLEGED uncle of Barack INSANE Obama)

Barack INSANE Obama, Nephew-in-Chief, I guess.
I have never believed this man to be the spawn of his alleged father, whom we are told is 'Barack, Sr.' or 'Barack I'.

I do believe, however, that the man identified as Barack Hussein Obama, currently the (failing) President of the USA, WAS born in Kenya, as his faux-Grandma Sarah (the Christian/Moslem), remembers so well.

Oh, the poor child...

...watch this, please, then look at the parents, especially the stepmother.

Faces of evil, yes?
And I certainly hope the surviving twin is safe from these evil ones.