Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All the Make-up in the World Cannot Cover... illness.

May I ask, right now, where are the results of the physical exam of this presdent? I, for one, would really like to know his 'health status'. Wouldn't you?

Fergeddaboud da Pieces Prize, eh. Dis guy is out to be da dictator--of America, yet.

Please try not to excuse his sorry A$$; he does not know what he his doing, except when he is told by George Soros.

He is:

too OLD to do things, and yet, he does.

He looks tired already; he should be impeached.

His wife, who is complicit in all these affairs, remains unproud of her country--we have not yet heard opposite--and shall we assume she remains not proud at all?

Circumstances prove it.

Gone, and not at all appreciated

These webpages are now destroyed, though they were totally approved by Bill Morton..

I resigned from Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce on Nov. 14, 2009, because the Chamber seemed to no longer have a proper ethic.

We had voted on a new membership structure 24OCT2009, and two weeks later I was informed that , apparently, that vote did not matter, as a membership had been sold at the previous higher monetarial structure, and the president of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, thought this was an OK way to go.

I resigned.

However, I am the 'seeder' of this Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce--I provided the monies to incorporate, to become a member of the US Chamber of Commerce, pretty much to do everything, as I was the Secretary/Treasurer. I have since been replaced by 'interim' board members.

I have asked for a repayment schedule, but that request seems to be in avoidance at this point.

I am making this public because Bill Morton has avoided me for the past two months. He has not answered an e-mail I sent, nor has his board member, James Alan Wilkowski, communicated with me since the 8th of December.

We are talking thousands of dollars owed here, and these Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce board members seem to be trying very hard to dodge paying me back for my investment, which Mr. Wilkowski had the gall, in in e-mail, to call a 'donation'.

The result?

On Monday, I shall go downtown and contact a lawyer specializing in collections.

Perhaps then, Bill Morton will understand that I am serious about this situation?

P.S. Bill, I can garhishee your wages for an indefinite amount of time.

Just in case... haven't a card. Print out one of these.

These are my designs, but you are totally welcome to them.
Just me, doing what I have to do, unlike Obama, doing what he THINKS he should do!

In the olden days (the time of Lyndon and Jimmy) we would have called Obama a FRAUD. And that he is, friends.

Please feel free to copy and print.

Though they are my own creations, I refuse to copyright. So, Barry, come after me. I would welcome that!

Unca Sam's Lap Dance

Snow White

Still dreaming of a 'White Christmas'?

Here's a photo from yesterday in Venice, Italy, right outside the Ducal Palace. It rarely snows there.

Courtesy: Der Spiegel

This was shot in Frankfurt, Germany. Pretty, isn't it?

Courtesy: Der Spiegel

And here are three photos from my window, which overlooks George's Christmas Tree Lot on Sheridan Road here in Rogers Park.

The snow got heavier, and I could barely see George's festive lights.

It snowed quickly, sticking to tree branches and sidewalks, making for a very pretty winter scene.

By the way, George will be at the lot through tomorrow evening, and his trees are top quality. Why not stop by?