Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes...'s just better to stop--and play Solitaire, isn't it?

I consider myself 'a thinking person', as do many of you. Yet, at times, I have to let the brain calm down--and what better way to do it than play Solitaire, which, though boring, seems to relieve a lot of stress, and still allows enough of a challenge to keep the brain functioning?

This past week, the entire world seems to have gone 'off its rocker', hasn't it?

The Moslems have gone nutzoid, as have the unions and all the Democrats, including Obama re: the DOMA situation.

This doped-up Prez MUST realize (and come to grips with) the fact that HE is not the Judicial branch of the government of the United States of America.

HE is merely the head of the Executive branch...and MUST LEARN to conduct himself accordingly.

He (and his wifey!) must NOT be allowed to think he is our DICTATOR--ever!

And personally, I think he is a PUTZ!

It was a Sunday morning... 1979, when I was working as a Production Artist here in Chicago on a film called "The Blues Brothers".

I had a boss, Gary Osborn, and his second-in-command, Jerry Palermo, who were members of the Studio Mechanics union out of Los Angeles. We were all working for Universal Studios on this film, but we found some spare time to walk around and shoot photos. Gary was very interested in photography. As a thank-you gift, I bought him a new lens for his camera. He was thrilled.

These are my pix, from a Sunday morning along S. Halsted Avenue, showing a couple of what we then called 'bums'. I wish I had Gary's shots!

The necessary bottle

The necessary 'air' guitar

Just why the crib was out in the middle of nowhere, and just what was written on the head and footboards...I have no idea any longer.

Just thought the whole post might be of interest to someone...somewhere?

A message from a troll...

...and I laugh.

"You'll never hear from me again"--Anonymous

Oh, the dichotomy!

Instead, if you'd like to know more about might watch, and listen closely to, this:

I'm certain it's still there...

...somewhere near Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

Fences, these days, seem to block out everything in the name of 'privacy'. This fence was welded, piece by piece, and became ART.

These are 35mm film shots, scanned, and with no retouch, turned into digital photos. I took them with a borrowed Pentax in 1979. The negatives have been stored away in glassine envelopes all these years. There is no evident deterioration.'s really nice to see these! I can finallly print some of my favorites from a time when I was exclusively shooting black and white!