Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes...'s just better to stop--and play Solitaire, isn't it?

I consider myself 'a thinking person', as do many of you. Yet, at times, I have to let the brain calm down--and what better way to do it than play Solitaire, which, though boring, seems to relieve a lot of stress, and still allows enough of a challenge to keep the brain functioning?

This past week, the entire world seems to have gone 'off its rocker', hasn't it?

The Moslems have gone nutzoid, as have the unions and all the Democrats, including Obama re: the DOMA situation.

This doped-up Prez MUST realize (and come to grips with) the fact that HE is not the Judicial branch of the government of the United States of America.

HE is merely the head of the Executive branch...and MUST LEARN to conduct himself accordingly.

He (and his wifey!) must NOT be allowed to think he is our DICTATOR--ever!

And personally, I think he is a PUTZ!