Thursday, February 18, 2010

East meet West...erm...whatever...

White House adopts low profile as Barack Obama meets Dalai Lama

Obama gave the Dalai Lama more than an hour, long enough to be polite to him and to show that he would not be cowed by Chinese demands not to meet the spiritual leader of Tibet.

The rest is at the Guardian.

I wonder when...

...Bill Morton is going to swap out this logo?

I found, in going through old files, that this .gif is dated 09/18/2009. It was a specific request from the WBW Park Advisory Council, and I sent it to Bill Morton, their web "meister" early that morning.

Heckuva job, Bill!

Barmy, the bloke's just BARMY!

JESUS was GAY - according to the gospel of SIR ELTON JOHN.

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Wrong Choice!

Austin, Texas

Watch this: The Confession of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: “From A to Z” aims to serve as the go-to source for exploring the security implications of bringing captured terrorists from GITMO to the US for civilian trials, as well as the potential impact to Thomson, Illinois, and its surrounding areas by incarcerating terrorists in our community. We intend to do this by providing relevant news, commentary, and media as well as the opportunity for community interaction with developing news about the prison.

The video confession is chilling--and Holder is an idiot to request this trial be anything other than held by the military.

And Obama? We already know what a spineless waffler he is!


Wisdom from our first President

"Happiness and moral duty

are inseparably connected."

George Washington