Saturday, June 18, 2011

Perhaps, if parents listened also

I wish...

...we'd have all listened our Dads.

For all those "common" dads who perished in the 9/11 Islamic attack

I, for one, shall never forget.

Apparently, Barack and his wifey Michelle CONDONE this inhumane behavior.

ISLAM:  a horribly out-of-date, supposed, religion.

Barack does not know this, and never shall...

...because he does not know even WHO his father was.

To all who have lost their fathers

Papa, how I loved you...

...Papa, how I miss you kissing me "Good night".

My Dad: 1914-1994

My Dad is standing with my Grandpa, next to Grandma and Uncle Steve, in the summer of 1919

My Dad in the 1940s, shortly after he became a "copper"

My Dad (in the wheelchair) with his brothers and sisters in 1993

What can I say other than,

Dad, I miss you so much.

(and Grandpa, too!)

Such silliness...from the Chicago Tribune

Are there no proofreaders at the Trib?

Under the photo of the obvious meth-head and her partner, the shot is (Polide photo).  That is underlined in red as I post.

Of course it should read as (Police photo), but no one, in these marvelous days of the Internet, seems to spellcheck and/or care anymore.

I also ask you to take a good look at "The SUV crash" at the lower right of this screen capture. Poor be described as a crash.

The Trib, and others of the MSM have gone down the proverbial $hitter, haven't they?

Cuz, kiddos, why not?

Ya got Barky and the Mooch...both ugly...sooooo why not have mice and "democrats"?

BTW, I believe the WH has had many mice for many years;

Hasn't it?

Putting this up again...

...because I shot these in 1982...and they will never be seen again in this manner, other than here.

And to my troll Mikey, and your silly wifey, if you don't like fan culo, which means, basically, stick it where the black helicopters outside my window do no WANT TO GO.