Thursday, December 2, 2010

To my friend, Always on Watch

To further lose the 'Obama Blues'...

From: Some sort of uppance our way comes...

...because when we believe in nothing, we cannot truly live.

Consider the message here...

...then consider the world in which we live today.

My own reality is that I am thankful I am not Virginia...and yet I believe there is an Ultimate Being who has allowed each and every one of us our existence.

I would not call him Santa Claus, at all, at all, no.

Both Barky and Moochelle (AKA MOO) Obama have been trying soooo desperately to 'play' Santa Claus, haven't they? They each know just about squat re: the symbolism of Santa Claus.

Butt, they each come across to you, the true US citizen, as marxo-fascists--wanting to tell you how to live your lives. As if you and I, US citizens, do not know how to live our lives?

Note: to Barack Obama and Michelle Obama:

I am a 64 and a half year old white woman. You BOTH seem to have a problem with race, as in the black/brown (but not too brown) race has suffered and sacrificed soooooo much, that they need 'reparations' paid to them? What is it you do not appreciate or even know about those who came to the United States in order to make a better life for themselves and their children?

WTF is it that you and your wifey cannot understand about US citizens? You seem to be working diligently to make all US citizens YOUR slaves! Got some sort of complex, Barky?

You are both shams, especially when I imagine you both talking between yourselves. The harridan always seems to win the argument, doesn't she, Barky?

Go away...and resign the presidency NOW, Barky...and seek what you shall find somewhere back in Indonesia...or someplace. Whatever.

And, simply for you, who love Christmas!

To all who serve in the, and past

I rhought this might be appropriate, for all of us who have lost someone overseas...whenever.

I'd like to say a special 'Merry Christmas' to all US troops serving in Afghanistan!

Guys and gals of the US Military, there are many of us here back in the States who truky appreciate your sacrifices!

THESE are the citizens of the United States of America!

Just to further my own agenda against the Progressive (?) Marxists occupying OUR White House, I bring you this, which you may have already seen...

...but which is still essential to our roles as citizens of these Untited States of America.

THIS is what is known as FREE SPEECH!

I really wonder why someting like this has happened in Chicago, say at Bloomies, around the Christmas tree?

Or at Macy's, formerly Marshall Fields, around the Great Tree in the Walnut Room?

Are you voters here in Chicago still sooooo enamored of Barack Obama, that you don't want to step on his feet?

Well, someone, just the other day, 'elbowed' your Messiah in the mouth during a pick-up b'ball game, and guess what? THE MESSIAH BLEEDS.



Watch this, because Lucy explains a lot

She was known as 'the grande dame' of television because she was the first to use the three-camera approach to capturing images. For this, I shall always admire her (as head of Desilu Productions).

Though she could appear to be 'ditzy', Lucille Ball ran one of the most succesful production companies in the world. Far more experience in business than Barky has ever, or could hope to, have had!

I wonder if Barky Obama (the fat-lipped) and his furry-caterpillared-eyed wifey can possibly understand...because most of what Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz DID was before their time...and neither of them seem to know of, or even want to understand, the history of the United States of America.

What we need, any time of the year, but especially now!

I have always admired and LOVED LUCY, haven't you?

In light of how the Obama administration seems to be removing our freedoms, I will continue throught this month to emphasize "CHRISTMAS", and not call this time the oh-soooo-PC "holidays".

Lucy never had a great singing voice (she admitted it), but I think her joie de vivre shows capitally here. I am sorry she is no longer here, physically, but she lives on in kinescope, film, and videotape!

Just a note: "Mame", starring Gretchen Wyler, was the first show I put together, in under two weeks, at the old Melody Top theatre in Milwaukee back in 1979. I had been hired as Assistant Designer to Stuart Bishop. And I was painting scenery for Act II when Act I was happening on stage.

A most delightful show, and a most delightful time in my life!

More 'Tis the Season...almost!

A few more of the small wreaths I've decorated to give away this year...

8" Willow wreath, Gold and red

15" wreath, Blue and gold

15" wreath, Red and gold

15" wreath, Red, gold and green

This last one I gave to a friend.

Cordell Walker...erm, no...Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger

Chuck Norris to become honorary Texas Ranger

Actor Chuck Norris played the title role of Cordell Walker on "Walker, Texas Ranger".

He played one on TV, and now actor Chuck Norris is going to become an honorary Texas Ranger on Thursday.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will present commemorative certificates to Norris and his brother, Aaron Norris, for their work on the series, "Walker, Texas Ranger," which aired from 1993 to 2001.

The rest is here.


This is really great for Chuck, an actor of high moral standards...and don't forget the strength, endurance and virility!

From the Comments section:

"Chuck Norris can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night."

"Chuck Norris won't be honored by Texas, Texas will be honored by Chuck Norris."

"Chuck Norris can smack the water out of desert sand!!"

"Texas should put Chuck Norris picture on their flag! Oh wait, they already did. THE LONE STAR!"

"Before the boogie man goes to bed at night, he checks under his bed for Chuck Norris."

"When Chuck Norris does push-ups he doesn't actually push himself up, he pushes the Earth down."

Obviously, Chuck Norris is well-loved and respected?