Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Drink, Damn ye', til yer Drunk!

...cuz I needs the money!

Daley’s plan has ’em drinking up along the lake
Even parks advocates not opposed to doubling licenses at venues along shore

Mayor Richard Daley wants people to drink more along the lakefront as a way to gin up money for the Chicago Park District and avoid raising taxes.

That relaxed, party-on vibe spread Wednesday from City Hall to lakefront aldermen and even parks advocacy groups who don't oppose Daley's plan to double the number of liquor licenses to 25 along Lake Michigan.

"It seems counterintuitive, I know, for a park organization to back this kind of a plan, but we feel it can really improve the experience for people in certain areas of the parks," said Bob O'Neill (scared jerk-off), president of the Grant Park Conservancy, who endorsed the liquor license expansion as a way to draw people to the lakefront.

Read it all. It is sooo disgusting.


Isn't this just so nice?

Is Richie taking care of Maggie in her extreme time of need ? NO.

He's out 'n' about, just tryin' ta make so'more's he kin keep da place in Mich, ya know where.

Chicago, under the Dick'em Daley 'Bubble of Deceit'

I'm tellin' ya, Richie, if youse was a good Catlick boy, youse would get down on your knees 'n' pray, yeah, right now. Pray to be forgiven for all you've hurt the City of Chicago!
An' pray you don't end up in some field in da 'burbs!

But, I, and most of Chicago know--YOU ain't been no good Catlick boy for the past 60 years!

To be quite frank, I think da Mare might become a wee bit happier if he gave away ALL his money!

Someone want to ask him to try it?

Perhaps Ald. Joe Moore, or Ald. Ed Burke?

Surrounded by..erm...uh...erm...ART?

I have been an artist most of my almost 64 years, and have worked in Theatre, Film, Video and Display, in both Chicago and Milwaukee. I take pride in the fact that I re-create what has been shown to me by some higher power.

What is below is anathema to art-scam, and for this woman to position herself with it, smiling, is also anathema.

Oh, my, it's Penelope Curtis...oh, my, it's the Tate!

Has the Tate gone mad re: 'Modern Art'? Any arse can lay a rope on the floor amongst a number of blue, soft-sculpted monoliths!

The museums are headed by such a lot of LOONS!

Can you imagine his feelings, his thoughts?

Jaroslaw Kaczinski is a very strong man, indeed.

Whether he runs or not is immaterial.

My intense admiration for this gentleman who, in his personal time of need, has shown himself to his people, the Polish people.

He is to be loved forever, because of the love he has shown.

And he is the ultimate example of the Polish people!

I simply love him for whom he is!

A sincere thank you to my readers...

...who come from all over this planet! Thank you, so very much!

For those few who may have some appreciation for my photographic efforts, may I offer you the following:

These are river rocks, which I have selectively gilded. They lay in a bowl of Chinese white porcelain. The largest is 1 and one-half inches.

This is a handmade glass bead with gold leaf that I was given in late 1996 by the artist. I am so sorry I do not remember his name, but I became extemely ill that day, with a 105 degree temp. The bead is approximately 3/4" high, just to give you an idea. Click for enlargment!

This egg (1 and 1/16 inches high) was also a gift from another artist, and though it is brownish, I find it very lovely, don't you? Again, click it to enlarge it.

When I do this macro-photography, and see the 'other worlds', I tend to remove myself from the concerns of today's world.

Quite frankly, though I visit the sites, I do not care anymore what Michelle Obama is wearing. She is ill-advised re: fashion.

I do not care any longer regarding what Barry Soetoro (or whomever he may be) is doing. He is extremely ill-advised re: the office of the president of these United States.


On being called a racist...

Yes, I am a 'racist'--a HUMAN racist--because the only race I recognize is the HUMAN race.

No one's color matters to me, as long as they act as if they are human beings.

If, and when, they revert to 'animalism', as so many have recently, it is then that I take umbrage with them.

When anyone begins to feel superior to another, I take umbrage with them.

When anyone attempts to dominate another, I take umbrage with them.

When anyone, especially anyone in the political arena, attempts to dictate to me--oh, yes, I will take umbrage with them, especially if they obfuscate (LIE!).

Drop the race crap, politicians, because no matter what color we are, we are all participants in the HUMAN race!

Next Nomination for the Supreme Court of the United States

Everyone, from now on, will be Photoshopped (TM), and will have to therefore pay a 'Photoshop Tax', whether they like their Photoshop (TM) or not!

Justice Stevens is retiring from the Supreme Court. Convenient.

(And that's why Michelle went to Mexico, even though she does not speak the language.)

She's just 'itchin', in her SPANX, to be doing something, even though she 'surrendered' her law license, under suspicious circumstances, 17 years ago.

Don't even put it past Barry to nominate his wifey.

How much 'law' do you think she even remembers?

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, as of tonight... 'not good standing', or not IN good standing, within the State of Illinois.

I expected this, but was heartily hoping against it, hoping that Bill Morton has finally found some 'footing' in his life, after all I have given him, and all the knowledge I imparted to him.

Apparently...he chose to learn nothing.

When you visit the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce website (which, by the way, should have been celebrating its FIRST ANNIVERSARY!), there is nothing there to spur you to join the chamber, just a listing of businesses in Rogers Park, which indicates Bill Morton is 'yearning' for those businesses to become members, but (in his laziness) he has not been out pursuing them as members.

The businesses are all from an Excel File I compiled for the October 10, 2009 gathering at Quest Network Services.

One Year!

And before that I, myself, put in six hard months to make this Chamber a reality, including seed monies, graphics, logo design, document design, and writing the blog.

And he has, apparently, let it slide.

How disgustingly disappointing!

And, I would be concerned, if I were a member, if my membership continues to be valid.

Is there anyone who can tell Bill Morton to 'Wake the F*%k Up?"

Apparently, I could not.

On April 20th, at 12:01 AM, he will become 33 years old...I would say, Bill, it is time to grow up now, unless you have chosen to be a LOSER.


"We don't know who we are until we see what we can do."

--Martha Grimes

From Wikipedia:

Martha Grimes (born May 2, 1931) is an
American author of detective fiction.
She was born in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to D.W., a city solicitor, and to June, who owned the Mountain Lake Hotel in Western Maryland where Martha and her brother spent much of their childhood. Grimes earned her B.A. and M.A. at the University of Maryland. She has taught at the University of Iowa, Frostburg State University, and Montgomery College.
Grimes is best known for her series of
novels featuring Richard Jury, an inspector with Scotland Yard, and his friend Melrose Plant, a British aristocrat who has given up his titles. Each of the Jury mysteries is named after a pub. Her page-turning, character-driven tales fall into the mystery subdivision of "cozies." In 1983, Grimes received the Nero Award for best mystery of the year for The Anodyne Necklace.
The background to Hotel Paradise is drawn on the experiences she enjoyed spending summers at her mother's hotel in Mountain Lake Park, Maryland. One of the characters, Mr Britain, is drawn on Britten Leo Martin, Sr, who then ran Martin's Store which he owned with his father and brother. Martin's Store is accessible by a short walkway from Mountain Lake, the site of the former Hotel, which was torn down in 1967.
She splits her time between homes in
Washington, D.C., and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A possible coup d'etat?

Has 'the pointer' become a non-leader?

He certainly has not shown 'leadership' throughout the past 14 months. But he has certainly shown his preference for ISLAM!

He's shown himself to be more of a 'party boy', who prefers Wagyu beef at $100 a pound, and possibly, whatever else may be available by the pound, ounce, or gram.

A supposed-man who doesn't even have the guts to say to his wife,

"Honey, don't wear that--it's too low-cut."; or

"Honey, don't wear that, it makes your booty too big."; or

"Honey, don't wear that, save it for our private time."

Quite frankly, I doubt whether he calls his wife "Honey" at all.

All is not well in Obamaland...I just have this feeling that Michelle wants more, and Barry cannot deliver. Nor has he ever, in their marriage-time, been able to accomplish that.

She is not 'satisfied' to be the First Lady, and she has made every effort to extinguish that flame.

The next six months, or so, should be very interesting, and I will not be surprised at all when Barry is forced out of office, due to his lies.

Here is the post.

That’s Weird?… Obama’s Nuclear Summit Logo Is an Islamic Crest

This is planned.

Again, there are NO coincidences in life.

What is surfacing regarding Barry Soetoro shall not be covered, as he has been trying to do.

His lies just don' work no mo', do they?

Today, in Rogers Park

This lovely front garden resides at 1522 W. Sherwin Avenue, and, of course, it changes dramatically as the seasons do their changing thing. Today, it looked like this:

forsythias, tulips and daffodils! It is always lovely here!

Later, I found these three white tulips. How many of you have ever looked closely at a tulip?

Click to enlarge and just do it!

I vowed that, on my way to Evanston to pay the bill for this internet connection, I would shoot this Christmas wreath again.

Hello, Ald. Joe Moore, and your cronies at Gateway Centre! Christmas was almost FOUR months ago!

But then, I noticed again (though the photo is from Sunday), that Ald. Joe Moore, who is notorious for "posting" in the neighborhood, still has NOT sanctioned the removal of this sign, THOUGH THE VOTES ARE ALREADY IN, COUNTED AND PUBLISHED!


Perhaps Bill Morton, at the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, may have something to say about this, but I am afraid he's too busy photographing coffee cups at Charmers!

Clue: Uniting the community, Bill? Ya workin' on that, YET?