Friday, September 10, 2010

This Creepy Troll... still after me. Obviously, his "Mamma" never taught him to respect his elders!

Michael Giovanelli, on one of his good (?) days

He is mentally ill, and yet keeps harassing me (Why? No idea, except he must hate older women, and probably hates his own mother, for some reason or another). His wife is a nurse at Misericordia Hospital here in Chicago, where Mikey has been a patient, yet even she cannot control his outbursts, like this one:

How dare you quote Francis. What a BS Artist you are.
By Honesty and Responsbility on In Memoriam at 7:08 PM

Well, Mike Giovanelli, you were not there, at my dad's funeral, were you? Consequently, you never heard me recite the quote of St. Francis, chosen because the parish we belonged to when I was young was that of St. Francis, in Milwaukee, a city that boggles your mind, heh?

St. Francis of Assisi was considered our family saint, and for you to defile that image is monstrous.

As you are, Mikey, a black-faced, mentally ill monster!

And BTW, Mikey, I have been to Assisi (It's in Italy, you know), and have seen St. Francis' reliquary. Have you, idioto--stupidaginne?

He never learned anything at Harvard?

In Memoriam

At my father's funeral, in June of 1994, I said aloud this prayer of St. Francis Assisi:

Where there is hatred, let me sow love,

Where there is injury, pardon,

Where there is doubt, faith,

Where there is despair, hope,

Where there is darkness, light…

I sincerely hope it can still apply today.

My 9/11 Memory...and I will NEVER forget!

I was living in Chicago, but working in video in Milwaukee for my old friend. It was a video to promote the International Clown Hall of Fame (ICHOF) and their involvement within the medical community to provide some form of relief for children who were hospitalized .

I had spent several months, over that summer, writing and researching for that video.

At times, I cried, especially after interviewing the mother of the 13 year old who had had more operations than his years, but still had a great lust for life!

Just before we went into edit, a production assistant (Paul) informed us of the situation in NYC.

I wanted to ignore that, and make the 'Clowns and Kids' Video, for which I had worked so long and hard, as writer/producer/designer.

As news came in (Paul had brought in a boom box), I decided to scrap the edit...we took it up a few days later.

I desperately needed to comply with the deadline designated by the ICHOF, but I knew we all had to have time to grieve and make repairs in our own lives.

The video exists in my bin, and over at Taylor Studios in Milwaukee. I have never had it 'dubbed'...and I think I never shall.

It is a time to be remembered, 9/11, by those who were there.

I was not there, so I cannot feel what you all in New York still feel. But, as an artist, I know.

My deepest love goes out to those who survived; my heart goes out to those who lost anyone.

My hatred, yes, hatred, goes out to those who caused this. Those Moslems, those of the 'Religion of so-called Peace'. Their hatred caused the deaths of at least 2,996 that day, including some of their own.

They care not who they destroy!

They are not hesitant to kill some of their own--these MOSLEMS!

Right here, Right now...and...

This came in, and of course, I have a reply!

Join Us as We Beautify Clark and Howard

Dear Neighbor,

Join the 49th Ward Green Corps, Chicago Gateway Green and Bank of America for a tree and perennial planting event to beautify the little pocket park on the southwest corner of Clark and Howard.

The event takes place TOMORROW, Saturday, September 11th, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

We need volunteers to assist with construction and planting. We especially need a few people with strong backs or tree planting experience.

Also, if you have them, bring work gloves, shovels and trowels, and wear sturdy shoes and clothes that can get muddy, as it may rain tomorrow.

The park is controlled by Bank of America and was created ten years ago as part of the redevelopment agreement between the developers of Gateway Center and the City of Chicago.

Two volunteers from my 49th Ward Green Corps--Jane Alexander and Sue Lannin--approached Bank of America recently about upgrading the park with new trees and plants, and the bank readily agreed.

Bank of America is supplying the trees and plants and many of its employees have volunteered to help with the planting, but we need volunteers from the neighborhood, too!

Please lend us a hand even if you can spare only an hour or two. The result will be another beautiful corner in Rogers Park!

See you Saturday!


Joe Moore


My Reply:

What you should be doing is to hold a Memorial for all those who died in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. As usual, having no cares outside of your 2.25 square miles of the City of Chicago, you seem to deny this day as a memorial to the end of the lives of 2,996 human beings.

They were from everywhere, Joe, even here in Chicago, and you would do yourself a great favor to consider those who died for freedom in the US.

When will you understand? It's not all about money?. It's about life, and living in this awful 49th Ward.

Beautifying Clark and Howard?

Why not beautify Howard and Greenview?

Or Jonquil Terrace and Ashland? These are within your Ward...why not start there, and get rid of the gangs?

After all, it is YOUR turf, isn't it?

When, and if, you, after 19 years, take hold of the 49th Ward, it could really be amazing.

Drop the "Progressive" stance, and simply consider your constituents, and who they are, and what they do to make their living.