Friday, September 10, 2010

This Creepy Troll... still after me. Obviously, his "Mamma" never taught him to respect his elders!

Michael Giovanelli, on one of his good (?) days

He is mentally ill, and yet keeps harassing me (Why? No idea, except he must hate older women, and probably hates his own mother, for some reason or another). His wife is a nurse at Misericordia Hospital here in Chicago, where Mikey has been a patient, yet even she cannot control his outbursts, like this one:

How dare you quote Francis. What a BS Artist you are.
By Honesty and Responsbility on In Memoriam at 7:08 PM

Well, Mike Giovanelli, you were not there, at my dad's funeral, were you? Consequently, you never heard me recite the quote of St. Francis, chosen because the parish we belonged to when I was young was that of St. Francis, in Milwaukee, a city that boggles your mind, heh?

St. Francis of Assisi was considered our family saint, and for you to defile that image is monstrous.

As you are, Mikey, a black-faced, mentally ill monster!

And BTW, Mikey, I have been to Assisi (It's in Italy, you know), and have seen St. Francis' reliquary. Have you, idioto--stupidaginne?