Friday, September 10, 2010

My 9/11 Memory...and I will NEVER forget!

I was living in Chicago, but working in video in Milwaukee for my old friend. It was a video to promote the International Clown Hall of Fame (ICHOF) and their involvement within the medical community to provide some form of relief for children who were hospitalized .

I had spent several months, over that summer, writing and researching for that video.

At times, I cried, especially after interviewing the mother of the 13 year old who had had more operations than his years, but still had a great lust for life!

Just before we went into edit, a production assistant (Paul) informed us of the situation in NYC.

I wanted to ignore that, and make the 'Clowns and Kids' Video, for which I had worked so long and hard, as writer/producer/designer.

As news came in (Paul had brought in a boom box), I decided to scrap the edit...we took it up a few days later.

I desperately needed to comply with the deadline designated by the ICHOF, but I knew we all had to have time to grieve and make repairs in our own lives.

The video exists in my bin, and over at Taylor Studios in Milwaukee. I have never had it 'dubbed'...and I think I never shall.

It is a time to be remembered, 9/11, by those who were there.

I was not there, so I cannot feel what you all in New York still feel. But, as an artist, I know.

My deepest love goes out to those who survived; my heart goes out to those who lost anyone.

My hatred, yes, hatred, goes out to those who caused this. Those Moslems, those of the 'Religion of so-called Peace'. Their hatred caused the deaths of at least 2,996 that day, including some of their own.

They care not who they destroy!

They are not hesitant to kill some of their own--these MOSLEMS!