Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bloated Dick!

"The first step is with Speaker Pelosi and so I will let her decide what it takes in the House," Durbin said.

Reconciliation "has always been an option. But she has to make her own decision on what it takes to enact this in the House," he added.


Are Pelosi and Durbin getting 'together behind doors'? Ugh.

But, I guess they ARE the perfect couple--next to Marxist Michi and Barry!

It's not the internet...

(A NEW 'Ugly American'--if we only knew for sure?)'s the MF's who are effing with it.

Barack, you are nothing but a shill for George Soros, and he is unhappy with you.

I am unhappy with you.

We, the American people, are UNHAPPY with you.

We do not need your discouragings, as we struggle to keep our jobs and homes.

Go back to Kenya, the place of your birth (as you have claimed), and leave the American people to BE Americans. WE know more about America than you.

We, America, the people of America, do not need or want such an anti-American as you, the, so-called 'leader' of our country!

Before I stop this day...

...I'll leave you with some small photos to look at and ponder the wonderfulness of the Creator of this magnificent Universe!

This shell fragment is about two inches across. Now you understand why I am very happy with my Nikon P-80!

And, because I feel my day is done, I will watch this:

It is the best way for me to retrieve some part of what can only be considered LOST.

Bill Morton: Are you hitting here at Another Thousand Words, again?

Using the 'White Coats' as a scare tactic--AGAIN!

'Time to Make a Decision' on Health Care Reform'

The president, who is pressing forward with health care reform despite a nationwide clamor to address jobs creation -- and despite the upset election of Republican Scott Brown to U.S. Senate in January -- stressed that he is not concerned about the risky politics of pushing ahead.


Yeah, yeah...the idiots abound in DC!

That 'White Coats' trick didn't work the FIRST time, dudes--you were EXPOSED!

I guess the leftist liberals just ain't got no mem'ries, huh?

"Check it out!"

From the great PROMOTER of Rogers Park:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

RP & Beyond

My name is Bill Morton and I'll be your Rogers Park traffic director for the day.I have recently noticed some great posts at Rogers Park blog, RP & Beyond. Check it out!I feel that we should have several sources of Rogers Park information and updates instead of only one or two.


I would rather, Bill Morton, of Bill Morton Promotions (that is a logo executed by ME!), that you would be the money director for the day and come across with the $1,425 you owe me, in the form of a cashier's check--not the bogus personal check you showed Shawn on Christmas Eve!).

After all, I did pay for a new HP computer for you (over $1,400.00--so you could run the Chamber properly), and gave you access to my copy of MS Office Pro 2007 ($500 + tax). And then... left the window open, with the $299.00, 22" monitor you wanted soooo badly, which was totally destroyed by rain, because you left the monitor ON for your dog (heavy rock so he wouldn't be LONELY)! That was STUPID, beyond belief!

THAT is when I began to distrust your judgment!

After your crappy offering of a check for $1,000 on Christmas Eve, I am soooo surprised that it has taken you almost three months to try and convert that bogus personal check into a cashier's check. I still have only your 'promise'...and not one LEGITIMATE buck offered in repayment after 14 months!

I guess, if you even HAD that amount of money on Christmas Eve,, you told others (I KNOW THIS) I 'didn't want it', and so you went ahead and spent it in some bar!

Promoter, President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce?

Only eight members after ten and a half months?

You NEVER did want to work hard at it, did you, Bill?

You just can't seem to do anything right, can you, Bill Morton?

I feel ECONOMICALLY RAPED! Wouldn't you?

Everyone deserves a chance to fly...erm..PIE!

'High Cholesterol Man' choosing among the pies at Manny's in Chicago

Wouldn't it be nicer if he said, "All US citizens, and CITIZENS ONLY,
could have a piece of the pie?"

Lawmakers cry 'jobs' to push through bills

Loud political chorus comes from both sides of the aisle

Trio of Evil: Democrats Steny Hoyer, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi

Back in 1987, I was working in video. Our project was for a company called Outboard Marine Corporation, located then in Waukegan, Illinois.

We were sent to shoot video in northwestern Georgia and western North Carolina. But many of the jobs had been outsourced, even at that point in time, just over the border in Ciudad-Juarez, Mexico.

Since these many years have passed, formerly 'American' jobs have been outsourced to many foreign countries, in particular, India, because that move means MORE PROFIT for American corporations.

THE BEST WAY to 'create' jobs is to STOP OUTSOURCING.

Simple as that.

But Pelosi, et al, do not understand this concept.

Neither does the so-called 'leader or our nation', who can't seem to quit smoking or eat cherry pie.

Since the late eighties, many thousands have lost their jobs due to the 'outsourcing' phenomenon (read as: PROFIT!).

And it is all because of corporate greed.

Will we ever learn? Learn to elect RESPONSIBLE personages as our lawmakers?

Or will we, as Americans, simply be lazy, not realizing that our FREEDOM IS IN PERIL at the hands of the current 'Wizards of Washington'?

Cats in the Hats...

...and the Bat in the Hat is FAT!

The "First Lady-NOT REALLY" and Chicago-loser Arne Duncan yesterday, celebrating the 105th birthday of Dr. Suess (Theodore Suess Geizel).

This woman should avoid wearing pants--PERIOD! The hat is good, though!

"Fox in Socks" was my sons never tired of it. I wish they could have been around to see MO as the 'FOX'!

By the way, Michelle, dear, your right leg is beginning to show some varicose veins.

Time to wear some concealing legwear, other than 'over the knee' hooker boots?