Saturday, April 10, 2010

Omen of Christmas Future, OR?

Today is, as all my sources revealed, the tenth of April, 2010.

This is the facade of the Gateway Centre at Howard and Hermitage in Rogers Park.

The mall is also one of Ald. Joe Moore's "jewels of the 49th ward" .

Jewel, schmewel, I say!

They have not removed the Christmas wreath, YET, and those little lights have been burning since mid-December!

OR...perhaps they are keeping it up to demonstrate how next Christmas will be celebrated?

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Major Rule #1: The evergreen does not remain green when it is cut down or cut and fashioned into decorations!

Major Rule #2: Paint will not stick to concrete unless it is the proper paint for concrete, and has been properly applied during proper drying/curing weather!

What with all the empty storefronts in the Gateway Centre, wouldn't you agree the place is pretty much "Moore's FOLLY" ?