Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hear me now, and hear me well...

...if it ain't broke, DON'T fix it!

Seattle's Best Coffee Stirs Up Heated Opinions

The simplified design seems rather generic, say some of the kinder observers.

Other pundits are calling it a bowl of cereal filled with tears.

But the harshest critics say the new look seems more appropriate for a blood donation center.

"Seattle's Best Blood Bank," wrote one snarky blog commentator.

"High school art students could do a better job at designing a logo," proclaimed another.


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Oh, BTW...

...don't you think she's looking a bit "woozy"?

The curls are uncurling
as his presidency unfurls

There'll soon be nothing left

for her or the girls.

About the new Header...

I really love this shot of 'Cloud Gate', otherwise known as "The Bean", done here in Chicago. Many have photographed it, many have shot their own reflections. I did not.

I changed the header because, as an artist, I like change every now and then. And I, myself, have 'changed' many times in my life. I am changed now, and I may change tomorrow. After all, I change clothes a lot!

But I never change the basics. Ever. Nor should you.

If you love America, don't 'change' that love for something like, say, OBAMA. He is not America. Understand that, and let me repeat it: HE IS NOT AMERICA. HE IS NOT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I don't even think he is OF the United States of America!

He is merely a man who you elected, under duress I might add, who has been, tonight, eating $100/pound Wagyu beef while trying to impress the president of Mexico.

And, what did YOU have for dinner?

Birds do it, Bees do it...

...baboons and Capuchin monkies do it--IN PUBLIC!

They 'groom' each other.

I believe that is where the term 'nit-pick' came from.

And just what did the First Spouse do tonight before the photo-op?

"Here, Barry, let me pick that eye-junk off your lashes. You should'a seen that, for all the time you've been spendin' lookin' in the mirror! And don't bother me again for the next couple of days! Dayum, I'm a busy woman!"

She 'groomed' her husband (IN PUBLIC!)--who many of you thought was PERFECT in every way!

Obviously, though, SHE is not. Just look how the stays of the dress cut into her underarm flab. She'll have bruises tomorrow!

And what's with the phony wig? And the phony personality?

A Tailor! A Tailor!

These two doofusses made a reported 5.5+million dollars last year--and they can't afford a TAILOR?

Her coat hem looks as though it was "super-glued" and his pants are ALWAYS too long.

They are the most "unkempt" first couple evah!

Call the Fashion Police, somebody, PLEASE?

A peek inside

The State (of my) Dinner

Tri-colore pasta (imported from Italy) with peas and Pesto (imported from Italy), surrounding a baked salmon fillet.

Obviously, it was quite delicious!

I'll cap this off with an after-dinner brandy (imported from California) and probably some Del Monte peach slices in light syrup.


In DC tonight, the menu reads like this:

Jicama with Oranges, Grapefruit, and Pineapple

Citrus Vinaigrette

Ulises Valdez Chardonnay 2007 "Russian River"

Herb Green Ceviche of Hawaiian Opah

Sesame-Cilantro Cracker

Oregon Wagyu Beef in Oaxacan Black Mole
(Wagyu, again? At about $100 per pound?)

Black Bean Tamalon and Grilled Green Beans

Herrera Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 "Seleccion Rebecca"

Chocolate-Cajeta Tart

Toasted Homemade Marshmallows
(Made by Michelle?)

Graham Cracker Crumble and Goat Cheese Ice Cream

Mumm Napa "Carlos Santana Brut" N/V

In my opinion, that's all a bit too much of a mix! I hope they've got the Beano and Pepto ready?

And, oh, BTW--this is on the taxpayers!

What are YOU eating tonight, hmm?

Finally, irises!

This is how I have felt, lately...because I am a conservative amongst so many irritatingly "progressive" Democrats, who continue to "regress".