Thursday, December 2, 2010

What we need, any time of the year, but especially now!

I have always admired and LOVED LUCY, haven't you?

In light of how the Obama administration seems to be removing our freedoms, I will continue throught this month to emphasize "CHRISTMAS", and not call this time the oh-soooo-PC "holidays".

Lucy never had a great singing voice (she admitted it), but I think her joie de vivre shows capitally here. I am sorry she is no longer here, physically, but she lives on in kinescope, film, and videotape!

Just a note: "Mame", starring Gretchen Wyler, was the first show I put together, in under two weeks, at the old Melody Top theatre in Milwaukee back in 1979. I had been hired as Assistant Designer to Stuart Bishop. And I was painting scenery for Act II when Act I was happening on stage.

A most delightful show, and a most delightful time in my life!