Friday, February 11, 2011

What's for dinner on a cold winter's night?

Homemade chicken soup, with chopped Crimini mushrooms, organic carrots (oh, so sweet @ 2# for $1.50!), Spanish onions and melon seed pasta, cooked in filtered water! YUM!

Just 15 minutes to prep everything, add a little salt, some crushed red pepper, 2 bay leaves--and a tablespoon or so of Balsamic vinegar. Bring it to a boil, then let it simmer, stirring several times over the course of 2 and half hours.

It is so delicious, warming, and more healthful than anything the Obamas have eaten lately!

If you're curious about the bowl...

...I purchased four of them for $5.00 2 years ago at Marshall's.

Here's the underside...I love the fact that the design is the Chinese character for "SOUP" !

BTW, these are the type of onions I get at a neighborhood 'onesy' type of market...for 39 cents a pound!

Would it have been easier to just open a can of Campbell's, or purchase soup in a plastic container (VERY high-priced) from the deli at my local Dominick's, you might ask?

Answer: NO, and NO. I prepared it, I know what's in it, it's not overly-salted...and I freeze some to enjoy on another day when I may not be spending the day working around the house.

I've cooked from scratch for more years than I can remember...and it has always given me a great satisfaction...and a feeling of wealth. This 2 quart pot of soup cost about $2.50, because I used skinless chicken breasts, but it can be made for even less using skinless chicken backs, legs or thighs and still be just as laden with chicken flavor!