Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The ever-fragile Yellow Magnolia

As some who have been 'regular' readers know, I have been painting a close-up of a yellow magnolia for quite a while.

Last year's photo op was totally done in by wind and rain.  Such a disappoitment.

This May, they look like this:  Many more buds, and many beautiful blooms...though they are so fragile, damaged by the slightest wind, which now is blowing heavily along Chicago's northermost shore.  I expect tomorrow to see nothing but damage.

But here are yesterday's results:

As usual, I will expect some sort of deprecating comment from my troll, Michael Giovanelli.

HO, HUM...and then the drum routine, as the lawyers and police take him away for cyber-stalking, and libel, and anything else they may find to charge him with.
Your time is coming, Mikey...we know where you are....