Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If you like shells, as I do...

...because I marvel at their beauty, you might like these.

The perfect volute of the shell. A volute requires an extensive formula to draw, as I found out years ago in drafting class. The volute becomes the capital of the Corinthian Column.

A more dramatic view of the volute of the shell.

I tipped it to see more of the inside, which is quite translucent.

I am not able to ID this particular shell, which I have had for years, but I do know and understand that, at one time, a particular salt-water sea animal was its inhabitant.

The shell came to me as a gift, with many others picked up at Sanibel Island, which is right off Fort Myers on the West Coast of Florida.

I would hope and I do pray that these lovely animals do not get destroyed, as so many others have due to the NON-EXPEDIENCY of Barack Obama's handling of the Gulf Coast DISASTER.

Oh, both he and his MRS. can come visit all they want--neither of them have any power to do much of anything but dress badly and behave badly...what matters is "What has happened to LIFE (both Man's and Animal's) in the Gulf, and can it ever be reversed".

Time will tell--and time, also, is Obama's great misfortune.