Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RE: The Ground Zero Mosque/Islamic Community Center

What the mainstream media idiots have not done is talk to the survivors of 9/11.

I am certain this is not a difficult project for the likes of Katie ("I'm a MILLIONAIRE") Couric, and the others within the realm of that pitiful media.

Go out there, and ask for real opinion, from those who have been affected by 9/11 (and believe me, they are not only New Yorkers!).

Mayor Bloomberg, you and your buddy Barky Obama have misstepped, misspoken. You both are, via the US Constitution, supposed to be 'servants of the people', but you both continue to ride your higher-than-high horses.

We--the people--unfortunately made you our leaders, as you hemmed and hawed over all that is RIGHT.

I am sickened (further) by this president and Mayor, because I live in Chicago, which is governed by another doltish, greedy Democrat, whose dear buddy resides in the White House--OUR House--which is currently tented for fumigation purposes?.

I suppose the Obamas brought with them a great number of Southside Chicago ROACHES, which are tougher, I may say, than any Liberal Democrat in the Universe!

And, I know the name of one of those Chicago Roaches. Shall I tell you?

Hush, only a whisper...Valerie Jarrett, Barky's surrogate Momma (he don't leave home without her!)