Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How 'progressive' is this, Ald. Joe Moore?

An emergency demolition was called for (probably after his thugs did a little dirty work by toppling a portion of the balustrade connected to the roof of this building, which was once known a 'Wisdom Bridge Theatre', and in long past days, as 'The Limehouse'.

Now, that the building has been demo'd, this is what the upper part of the 1500 W. Howard block looks like.

Nice, isn't it? The alderman of the 49th Ward of Chicago, Joker Joe Moore, who books himself as a 'Progressive, (ACK!) could not give a sh&t that this fence is down, impeding pedestrian traffic on Howard Street.

In fact, Ald. Joe Moore seems to PREFER these tear-downs within Ward 49. He has done so in the past, by sanctioning tear-downs of North Shore School and the Adelphi Theater, in addition to sanctioning the tear-down of the Norshore Theatre in order to build the mainly vacant Gateway Centre, which is situated at the northernmost boundary of his ward (halfway across Howard Street is the City of Evanston, which continues to allow some businesses along Howard Street (their side), which look pretty scurrolous.

Ald. Joe Moore did NOTHING, again, to save some history of Rogers Park, a great of the 49th Ward of Chicago.

He has done NOTHING regarding the fencing, which has fallen across Howard Street. And I am certain, at this point, that his so-called 'Satellite Office' has been made aware of this FAIL.

The 2011 Primary Elections are closer than you think.

Are you going to vote this putz in again? You know he's been a Joker.

Is that what you really want?

Is this the Joker you want representing you--a 'career' politician, a 'money-grabber' and pretty much a yes-man to Mayor Dick'em Daley?

Demon-crats, be very, very careful of what you wish for, and for whom you vote!