Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yet another false alarm?

The fire alarm sounded earlier, and I walked to the back stairs of my building, 7301 N. Sheridan Rd. here in Rogers Park, the northernmost neighborhood of Chicago.

I met an Iraqi acquaintance, Saad, who did not understand the alarm at all. I told his wife, Susan, to put on her veil and walk down the stairs out of the building. That THAT is what the noise of the alarm meant. (They have lived here for at least two years; there have been many false alarms; they still do not understand, and if there is a 'real' building fire, they will be counted among the dead for not responding properly to the awful-sounding alarm.

And the alarm, itself, was turned off by a maintenance man (because this building is now in foreclosure, having been owned by Aymin Khalil. Think he might be one of those Moslems who is trying to 'establish' himself in the US?)

Aymin once owned a number of properties here in Rogers Park, each having been foreclosed upon. Personally, I'd like to know why, but it's okay, I already know a lot more than most. He is SLIME.

Back to the alarm:

So I went down, after walking around the building while looking for smoke ( and wondering, yet again, why the Chicago Fire Department was nowhere in sight after 8 minutes, as they are only four Chicago blocks away (this means, we are not connected to CFD, as we should be, being an 8+ story building) to see Kris Luck, (whom I hope is still) my friend at Quest Network Services.

Photo of Quest Network Services, a Clear dealer. Floral plantings by www.tubloom.com

I informed him of the alarm, which cannot be heard within his area of the building, especially as they were having dinner while watching a program on cable.

As Kris and I spoke, in walked Bill Morton, the ne'er-do-well beggar of Rogers Park, and also president of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, which I, alone, financed for its set-up, and which, as an Illinois corporation, is in arrears to me for over $1,000.

"Well, well, well, look who's here," Morton stated while interrupting my conversation with Kris Luck. He walked into The Parlor, said a few things to the occupants, and walked back out of Quest saying nothing.

I looked at Kris and asked, "What was that?" Kris said, 'You must have scared him off. He'll probably be back."

I hope I scared some beejeebies out of Bill Morton tonight. He owes me a personal debt of $1,425 for rent payments I financed, to keep his sorry butt at 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue. He is quite aware of this.

He is also aware of the fact that Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce has defaulted on payment #2 to me, $500.00. The supposed Catholic bishop, James Alan Wilkowski, a Cook County employee under David Orr, is the 'Interim Secretary' of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, and has not, apparently, been urging Bill Morton on, in a proper business manner, to increase the income of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

I call them SCUM!!

If I ever receive any payment not in the form of a Cashier's Check or Money Order, I would set it on fire because I am not surprised at what these scammers will attempt to do.

Cheats, Liars and Thieves! That's what Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce has become.