Thursday, July 22, 2010

This troubles me, a lot!

Everyone screams the word "racism" or " you're a racist" without a thought about what those statements actually mean.

Apparently, because I care not for Barry Obama, nor do I care for his wife, I am a "racist".

Ooookay, because I do not particularly care for this mulatto who I feel is screwing up the United States, I am now a 'racist'.

A'ight foks, let's be gettin' this shiatt clear, now, mah brothahs an' sistahs!

How much you feelin' Barry cares about you? You got a job yet?

An' you talked to him, personally about this? When's the last time you had a personal, up'n' close, talk with Barack or Michelle Obama about your neighborhood problems?

When's the last time you talked with that woman--not you politicians, I mean the people on the street?

If you think she cares about you, then you are someone who thinks she is still a lawyer.

No, no, she was disgraced for some reason and had to surrender her law license back in 1994--SIXTEEN YEARS AGO.

Michelle Obama is no longer allowed to practice any kind of law--she is NO LONGER ALLOWED TO BE A LAWYER IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS.

Get dat? Yet?

Do you understand that now?

On top of that, she's telling you and your kids are FAT!

She is a disgraced lawyer, who is trying to control your destiny--who you and your family WANT to be, AND what you should EAT!

Tell me for certain that you want her and her hubby to make your life for you.