Sunday, November 28, 2010

RIP Officer Michael Flisk, CPD and Mr. Stephen Peters

So it goes like this?

Some nutcase who thinks they are entitled to everything decides to shoot a Chicago police officer in cold blood? And...another man, Stephen Peters, who was a retired CHA officer and former suburban cop?

I hope and pray this person is found soon, and strung up by their nether region!

We lost SWAT officer David Blake earlier in the week, but apparently that wasn't enough for these animals on the South side of Chicago.

Oh,...and no outrage yet from retiring Chicago "Crime Boss", Mayor Dick'em Daley! Guess the tryptophan from eating too much turkey put him to sleep, huh?

My condolences to both the Flisk and Blake families, and also to Mr. Peters family.

Now, guys and gals, get out there and find that dirty SOB!