Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Omnibus? Earmarks? Just say NO to anything Obama!

Senator Coburn calls it not an 'Omnibus', but...OMNI-TERRIBLE!

Barack-INSANE-Obama has no, I repeat NO, concept of Economics, nor does his wide-hipped wifey.

Time for them to GO!

And...BTW...just what the hell is "Salmon Recovery"? Are the Dumbycrats proposing to CATCH the salmon (the usual thing, because salmon have been provided by our Creator as food) OR...send the salmon to SALMON TRAUMA EXPERTS,who will work furtively to help the salmon get over the trauma of the potential of being caught?

And furthermore, teach them the time-honored ways of the Mohammedans...salmon jihad...

I'll stop here...it's getting a bit surreal, don't you think?