Monday, September 6, 2010

When Wimpy went to Milwaukee...

...he said, "I will gladly pay tomorrow for a hamburger today!"

Hasn't this WON already showed us his love of burgers (and you can bet the wifey loves burgers, too--just look at her!), but there is no burger--not yesterday, today, or tomorrow--not for you: The Little People!

He lied his ultra-skinny (And just why is he so thin, after all the burgers and ice cream? He looks ill, and in the newly-remodeled Oval last week looked quite EMBALMED! As Yoda might ask: "ILL ARE WE OBAMA?") butt off in Milwaukee today, and the union crowd sucked the Kool-aid through Chinese-made, lead-ridden straws, didn't they?

And he knew he didn't do well, soooo now he can learn to cry, "WE, WE, WE!" all the way home, as he is daily-reminded how WE the PEOPLE shall unseat his party on November 2nd, and push him out of office before 2012!

Learn it now and learn it well, Barky: WE the PEOPLE!