Friday, August 20, 2010

Can anyone say, by looking at her photo, that she is happy?

Malia Obama, just reunited with her parents and younger sister after a month away at "Sidwell boot camp", looks not happy at all.

I feel badly for this 12 year old...being sent away to learn something of the world...and Mommy MOO and Daddy Barky didn't pay enough attention to her, because she only got ONE phone call out, and that was to Daddy, to wish him a "Happy Birthday"...but perhaps she was still being a bit insolent, as she should know Moslem daddies do not celebrate their birthdays.

Perhaps this 12 year old child rejects the Islamic religion her father so endears?

Think about that, all of you liberals out there! BTW, look closely at her. She does not look a thing like her mother, nor a thing like her father. She looks more like Malcom X, whom I believe is her true Grandfather. Obama's Mommy, Stanley Ann, played around quite a bit in her time. If you don't believe ME, go do the research for yourself. I suggest you read 'The Obama Timeline here