Friday, October 22, 2010

Browsing, just browsing...Pumpkins!

I decided to check out earlier today, and found Bill Morton, still-untalented President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, posted these 'EXCITING' videos of the Rogers Park Pumpkin Patch at 7313-15 N. Sheridan Road.

I've only posted the still shots, because I really don't want bore you quite as much as, apparently, Bill Morton does. I might add that these are 1980s-quality student films, which I really saw enough of back at UW-Milwaukee in the late 70s/early 80s.

These "VIDEOS" (now known as 'moving pictures', BILL) are nothing more than lockdown shots. The first goes on for a minute and 52 seconds...which I thought was interminable.

The next is of course, another static shot. Bill Morton puts his camera on a tripod, sets it to roll, and walks away. But this one goes on and on for 11 minutes and 54 seconds. There is chatter in the background, but Aaron, the seller of pumpkins, is neither identified nor allowed to speak.

What a 'nice' way, Bill Morton, to promote a long-standing Rogers Park seasonal business!

And just when I anticipated Bill Morton's COMEBACK as a promoter of business in Rogers Park,...LO, and BEHOLD!

A 14 minute and 37 second lockdown shot, but with a VARIATION...a shadow of his camera and tripod, then...NO shadow of camera and tripod. BRILLIANT, Bill Morton!

Shadow of Tripod

No shadow of Tripod

That crap being over, because Bill Morton, President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, and owner of Bill Morton Promotions still has NO idea what it takes to be a professional photographer, videographer--or professional anything! The long lockdown shots emphasize just how LAZY this man is, and how he PREFERS others to do his work for him. I am not speaking of 'delegation' of duties right now--I am saying that Bill Morton will SHIRK hard, possibly boring (to him) work as much as he possibly can (and many of his NOW-former clients will agree). I know it, because I have experienced this exact thing with him.

That being said, let me re-introduce you to Aaron, this year's proprietor of the Rogers Park Pumpkin Patch.

It's sometimes a lonely 12 hours a day at the Patch, but Aaron makes the best of being creative! He carved this...

...and these...

...and set up this great display!

He also has Indian corn, corn stalk bunches ($8), and an awful lot of gourds and mini-mini pumpkins!

I no longer shoot video: I worked many years as a videographer, and do not like the 'comedown' in quality I get from my $500 Nikon--because I used to shoot video on $20-25,000 cameras on BETA SP and Digital, and my Nikon just does not have that type of quality-- so my shots are 'stills', the equivalent if Bill Morton's 'static captures' of video.

I suppose I could set up a poll here re: which of us has best-promoted Aaron and the Pumpkin Patch--not worth my time, is it?

Before Aaron leaves, I will give him printouts of each blog I have posted about his time selling at the Rogers Park Pumpkin Patch.

This post of his, especially, shows the lazy, lackluster attitude of Bill Morton, FAUX-president of the FAUX Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

What a gross disappointment you became, Bill Morton!