Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If I were president...

...of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (of which I am a co-founder and only funder of that entity which is over a month BEHIND in their second repayment!), I would certainly have accomplished more than THIS at this point in time (even though I am disabled).

What Mr. Bill Morton (of the recent "my dog is injured, give me money because I have no real job" incident) does not understand is that Rogers Park contains a grand number of children, who shall in a few weeks, need to return to school.

All he can do is post this now-very-boring shot of a full coffee cup, and again announce that his "pet" Cafe Society will be meeting...somewhere, sometime.

Mr. Bill Morton (part Italian and originally from Elmwood Park, the home of the Chicago Outfit) does not seem to have even one creative node in his brain.

If I were still with Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, I would have, before now, organized a drive for donations of school supplies for the children of Rogers Park. It certainly would have put the Chamber "on the map", so to speak, as a caring entity, don't you think?

But, of course, Mr. Bill Morton's dog, and chatting over free coffee seem to be the goals of this ill-fated, no-longer-a-member (while still utilizing the logo as a pretend-member) of the US Chamber of Commerce, pitiful group of followers of Mr. Bill Morton's shallow scams.