Monday, April 11, 2011

OH, BTW...the Creepy troll is asking...

...why I should not STOP blogging my 'apparently, TO HIM', RACIST blog:

"Maybe you are FINALLY getting the hint that we are tired of your racist blog production!
By Honesty and Responsbility"

And how do you think, CRAZY GOOF, how tired I am of your stupid attack upon me, including all the "mailings" I have collected which are traceable back to YOU?

Michael have now taken this far beyond SANE...I shall be contacting CPD, understand?  The Chicago Police Department, tomorrow.

Expect a knock on your (moldy, West Ridge basement apartment) door.

Stupido:  You have no understanding of what is cyberbullying, and no understanding of just how much I can SUE your a$$ for?

  Idiotissimo!  I have ALL your documentation...! AND...I consider you and your wifey some of the filthiest-minded pieces of crap upon this Earth...YET, may God rest both your souls.
Ach, but who am I to determine where you REALLY should live...somewhere near the hell which you both seem to be close to....

It is so sad when a nurse identifies with her patient to the point of marriage, then vows to 'take care of him', then she denies his mental illness, marries him and takes him home...and he turns into a cyber-freakin' bully...climbing upon and in effect, RAPING via the written word an older woman, an almost 65 year old keep his own stupid "MANHOOD" alive, because his wifey has found she cannot, possibly, SAVE HIM FROM HIMSELF!

The cops will be coming, Michael...and we shall see THEN, just how TRUE you are.  Again, I have all your comments...and other documentation, which will lead to my lawsuit upon you AND yours, including your WIFE.