Monday, April 11, 2011

What I've been doing...

...that has kept me from this page is SPRING CLEANING, and some of the chemical effects, BUT I am ALSO hoping to clean that destitute TROLL, Michael Giovanelli, of West Ridge, a poorer neighborhood in the city of Chicago.

(Let us all pray that Michael Giovanelli (AKA Mike Harris) can handle the transition from his alderman of note, Bernie 'the sleeper' Stone and can possiblbly come to grips with Deb Silverstein...whom I will be contacting re: cyber defamation of character + occurring within Ward 50, Chicago, Illinois.)

BTW, I took this shot this shot last Saturday...

already $4.29 for gas here on Rogers Park!

I do not have UPDATE shots yet, but that CITGO was being turned into a SHELL today.