Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bill Morton
President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce
Last known address: 1205 W. Sherwin Ave. #803
Rogers Park, Chicago IL 60626

I was speaking at length, yesterday, with a Chicago Police Department officer, who has become a sort of friend over the past several years.

For the first time, I mentioned I had abandoned the "Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce". He looked at me, and sniffed, as if that idea was stupid...which, apparently it was.

He told me, after I explained about Bill Morton's PERSONAL debt of $1,425, and the Rogers Park Chamber's debt to me of over $1,000, that I should take them/him to SMALL CLAIMS COURT.

I retorted: "I don't see how I can get BLOOD from a rock !" and told him the story of Bill Morton and his NON-neutered mongrel dog being attacked at Sherwin Beach. And how Bill Morton, cheesy president of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, "begged" for $450, and thousands more, to save his mixed breed, FOUND dog...which he considers a 'chick magnet'.

My friend, the Chicago Police officer, had this to say:

"He's a con man, and he knows how to con people. He's got it down."

I am going to say this right now: YES, I regret that I fell for this 'ne'er do well' BUM of Rogers Park. I was sooo0 totally stupid to give him more than money. Friendship is a two-way street, but as of now...that 'friendship', I have found, was nothing more than LYING and GREED ON HIS PART!

Bill Morton is, in my eyes, NOTHING! A TOTAL LOSER!

His SHOP LOCAL promotion, of a year ago, has gone nowhere. Why, you might ask? Because Bill Morton is LAZY...and prefers others to do his work.

He now has a preference for Nina Interlandi Bell, the current 'Secretary' of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce. Nina, honey, it's only Bill Morton 'conning' you into this position. Grow the F&*k up! BTW...How much money have YOU loaned him?