Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dontcha just love misinformed idiots, like Bill Morton?

From the totally untrusted site "Honesty and Responsibility" aka "Chicago Shadows" comes this BS, obviously written by Bill Morton, or possibly the so-called "Interim Treasurer" of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, The great Southside BEE-SHOP, James Alan Wilkowski:

I might add here, that the government classifies me as "disabled', which I am, after appearing before a federal judge, due to osteoarthritis in my back and spine, and the effects of fibromyalgia, which MR. BILL MORTON never gave a crap about. These ailments are certainly NOT what I wanted for myself at 64 years old, but I must contend with their effects EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Because Bill Morton has all accessible passwords, perhaps I should not hold Kristofer Luck responsible, but I do.

Actually, by the kindness of a local social service organization to which I was sent, after my July 2006 pulmonary embolism, which almost killed me but for the Emergency Personnel at Northwestern Memorial Hospital saving my life, (a week in hospital with heavy medications and pain-killers (intravenously), and the help of yet another social service organization (via Fourth Presbyterian Church) and Social Security declaring me 'disabled', I would not have been ALIVE to lend Bill Morton any monies but for an awardment of the monies I had earned, throughout my working life, so I lent him, when he seemed to be at his LOWEST, $1,425 for rent and then 'gave' him an HP computer system (same as I am using right now, with Vista x64) (which he eventually trashed) for the establishment of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce (his dream, he said) to be enacted, and now, upon which debts, personal and BUSINESS, I have asked for, have been treated as some kind of demon.

I feel right now, today, that I wished I would have died at Northwestern, back in 2006. I wish that I would never have met Bill Morton, nor Kristofer Luck, nor Michael Giovanelli...all idiots, and all mentally ill in their own ways.

Because of this total crap I am having to put up with is just that--CRAP. And, I don't like CRAP, especially as I have been the MOST generous to this goof, Bill Morton, as I have ever been in my entire life!

Bill Morton, you have, and will probably NEVER have, any kind of shame about what you have done to me, by using the monies (SOCIAL SECURITY) I have earned my ENTIRE life, and seem to have LOST now, to further your own goals (which are WHAT?, I might ask).

What I really can't figure is just WHY Bill Morton took up again with someone like Chicago Shadows, AKA, whom he considered a crazy, dark person. But, then again, Bill Morton can also be considered a crazy, dark person, and IF he is commenting under the auspices of Quest Network Services, BOTH HE AND QUEST should be SUED!

BTW, Bill Morton, why did your 'dear friend' Mary Faith DUMP her Laundromat at Greenview and Howard?

Take a look at Chicago Shadows blog and then at http://, and tell me this man, whom I barely know, is even somewhat normal!