Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why is there the 'blurring' effect? Huh?

Mr. 'Hide-all-my-past-including-my-'typically white' mother and grandmother'....

What in blazes is the White House trying to prove here?

If I went down to South 18th Street, here in Chicago, and had enough money with me, I could get one of these passports too...saying, by the way, that I was an ITALIAN, born in FLORENCE, ITALY! As an artist, I would have changed my name, just as Barky did. Perhaps something like 'da Vinci', or 'Buonarotti', may do me well (after all, I AM a seasoned artist, even though I am disabled). And then I could invent, as Barky has, all sorts of stories...and publish what I'll call an 'autobiography'...yeah, that's the ticket!

And why the hell the 'blurring effect'?