Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just noticed...

...Quest Network Services is no longer a 'Follower'.

Sheesh, too bad, Kris Luck, after all the lovely things I did for your business, helping it get up from the depths after your being fired by TAG.

This is how you treat someone who was your friend, scouring through and cleaning and sorting, then transferring your family photos to CD, photoshopping many old ones from the 40s and 50s? To make a wonderful slide show 'Christmas Gift' for your grandmother, Corinne? And after 70 hours of my work, you did not at all like being charged a bit over $400?

Nice, Kristofer...just remember who 'gave' you the framed, hand enlarged and hand-painted sign over the inner doorway, designating 'The Parlor' and who re-gilded your fireplace mantle for free (while repainting most of your offices, for free!)! You really turned out to be quite a little twerp, didn't you?

Just a 'user', just like your 'dear friend' from Elmwood Park, Bill Morton, the "biggest user of ALL"!