Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just some thoughts...

After a somewhat minor health scare last week, I've been taking some time to think.

I have been living on this planet more than 64 years, and have seen its many highs and lows, experiencing some of each along the way.

Everything seems topsy-turvy right now:

The insane are regarded as sane.

Corrupt politicians are regarded as royalty.

Those whom we used to consider illegal (for sneaking across our borders) are released under low bond or their own cognizance.

Though previous leaders have asked us to be a bit more frugal during war, and cut back on our consumerism, the current POOP IN THE WHITE HOUSE (and his 'nouveau riche' wife) continue to spend as if there is no tomorrow.

Maybe there isn't.

Did you ever think that, while professing "Honesty and Responsibility", this current pResident of the White House, who behaves as a petulant child, thinks of tomorrow? The future?

Look at him, and notice how his wedding ring hangs on that finger over an enlarged knuckle.

Look closely at his thinness. He is not well; perhaps this is something caused by his playing around in his younger days?

I am certain any qualified physician would look at him and say, "Why don't you come in for some exams?"

Obviously, Michelle is not allowing him to 'have enough on his plate', hmmm?

Living here in Chicago prompts so many other thoughts...guess I'll leave those for a bit later.

Oh, I forgot...it's just 90 days til November. Can YOU see it from your house?