Friday, September 17, 2010

Speak to me only with thine eyes...AND, in what language, Mein Herr?

Jesse Jackson: Jesus Didn’t Speak English, US Shouldn’t Be English-Only

No, Jesse, Jesus reportedly spoke Aramaic.

Can you say: Air-ah-may-ick?

You have a hard enough time with English, Jesse, just like your good friend Dick'em Daley.

May I ask which language you would like Americans to speak?

Would it be Russian?

Or Cuban Spanish?

Or Mexican Spanish?

Or Spanish Spanish?



I would suggest that Jesse go right down to de local sto', an' fin' hisself sumbody who be speakin' dat Air Jordan tawk!

Apparently this fraud will do ANYTHING to keep his name in the news! Idiot!

See the video at:

And may YOU be the JUDGE!