Friday, September 17, 2010

The O'Frauds

MicHELLe O'Fraud

Barky and MICHELLe O'Fraud

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She obviously has no time, and neither do any of her dressers, to check herself out! A little 'Lady Remington' would have gone a long way, and quickly, in the underarms.

And why is she trying to make her nose look narrower (and 'whiter')? I learned this trick in the theatre at age 15, when I was appearing on the professional stage in operettas. It was good then, as STAGE MAKE-UP goes! She is circulating among other people with the 'skunk stripe' in order to be less BLACK, more accepted.

Where is this woman's mind?

Stuck on stupid?

And then we come to Barky's 'turkey neck', because he's losing weight regularly (isn't that associated with AIDS or at least HIV POS? After all, he and Rahm are said to be life-time (?) members of Man's Country club, here in Chicago (Andersonville neighborhood, just north of what is known as 'Boyz Town'). For those of you who live outside Chicago, the Boyz Town neighborhood has many gay men in its population.

Why? They want to live where they are accepted. Don't blame them a bit for that!

Sooo, to 'complement' Barky's 'turkey neck', MicHELLe wears a MicHELLin Man rubber 'turkey neck' dress!

Don't they just look 'SOOOO IN LOVE'?

Both of these frauds have a great disrespect for America and the positions they hold.

But wait...everything is catching up with both of them...and I can see November, can't you?