Monday, March 7, 2011

Feel like you're getting ripped off?

I do!

Here's a shot of the toothpaste I use. The longer tube was bought a month after the shorter, squished tube.

Look a bit closer. The 'longer' tube contains only 3 ounces, whereas the 'shorter' tube contained 4 ounces.

They were the same price, so now I am paying MORE for LESS!

I found the same thing with my favorite dish detergent. These were bought 2 months apart.

Looked the same, almost, and the price was the same, so I grabbed the bottle and didn't really look at it until I got home.

Look closely at the amounts.
30 0unces in the old one, and 25 ounces in the new. Oh, oh, oh--5 whole ounces free, but actually 5 ounces LESS! For the same price!

FREE=BS, a lot of BS!

These are Colgate-Palmolive products, and I can only imagine what it has cost (US!) to do the re-tooling necessary for C-P to make huge profits at our expense.

This 'FREE' business is deceptive marketing, at the least, and I feel Colgate-Palmolive should be brought to task.

Go to:

***Just as a note, when was the last time you looked at that can of tuna you bought, and how many it will serve? These (sad, sad Obama) days, a can of tuna contains not 7 and a quarter ounces, not 6 and a quarter ounces, but ONLY 5 ounces/servings: almost 2!

Guess it's time for all of us who remain sane to DEMAND all the arugula and White House Honay Ale the Obamas can supply us with.

After all, according to FAT Michael Moore: What's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine, right! Dipstick!