Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When a person of note dies...

...something like this occurs, because man is very curious about death...and what it entails.

Eva Peron died, as we all shall...that should be no surprise to any of you readers.

Thankfully, most of our families and friends will not have had to experience the peculiarities associated with her death.

But...I caution you here, and say again...we all shall some point in our lives. And I am not being morbid, only I have lost most of my family and my children.

That includes our nation's leaders, as well...

And if this man doesn't look to you as if he's well on his way out, then I suggest you clean your glasses.

He is the twelfth president of the US in my lifetime...and I have never seen such an obvious gay man as president, nor one who, though he eats soooo much of everything his wifey is against (but she eats all that stuff herself--so call HER a gross hypocrite!), he continues to lose weight. The above photo shows a stick-man, basically.

He is either terribly ill with some sort of cancer, OR has a gross TAPEWORM!

It has been over a year since his last official physical, when the doctors told him to cut down on the alcohol intake (but apparently he and his wifey know better, and continue to over-imbibe--as there are many 'photo-ops' where she looks half-blitzed, and he looks as if he'd rather be on some other planet (home--wherever that may be, perhaps?).

To all my readers abroad...and I know you are there...I should not have to apologize for the behavior of the president of the United States. Nor will I.

I'd like to say "He is his own man."--but I feel that would not be truthful on my part.

I feel he is corrupt, and under the thumb of George Soros and all HIS buddies in the world...and Michelle is the 'beard' supplied to make Barky look like a 'real man'.

He has a history, here in Chicago, and certain people who are still alive know of him...and remember him, apparently.

That being said, I sincerely feel this man AND his wifey have severe mental issues which need to be resolved before he continues on as the leader of the United States of America.

And...if his wife does not learn how to dress within the bounds of "first Lady of the US" (--and where the heck are all these assistants we the people are paying a minimum of a million and a half dollars a year for, huh?), please, someone within society, 'Washington DC Society', begin a whisper campaign so that we never see something like this again!

Especially if, to the trained eye, it looks like this: