Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Might this be appropriate...

...because the Obama Regime seems very similar to that of the Perons...and history (as not studied by either of the Obamas, apparently)...does repeat itself from time to time.

Listen, carefully, and you will hear...much of what I discovered of governments, and what they do, and who they destroy, back when I worked the First National Tour of "Evita" in 1982.

One night, I sat alongside "Doc", (gold-colored because he WAS golden!) the sound man...and he let me hit the button for the heavy bass in this number, which was set so high, it rattled the walls and ceiling of Milwaukee's Performing Arts Center.

I love the music of Evita (Andrew Lloyd Webber), but the story of corruption made me wary of politicians for all my life!

Just wondering...if some voters will be singing like this, transposing 'Evita' with 'Obama' sometime this year, as he does not look well and has lost a lot of weight.

Matter of fact, he seems to be reverting to the 'skinny street kid' look he had in Jakar--no, Columbia and Harvard!

As Ahnold, in days past, would call him: "Guhlie-Mahn"!