Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Someone who calls himself a Catholic bishop...

...Evangelical Catholic bishop of the Diocese of the Northwest ( which also verifies his signature)...somehow needs a confessional, it seems. He has been the Interim Treasurer of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce since shortly after I resigned November 14, 2009.

If you click to enlarge this scan of the letter I received at the end of LAST year, you will see the highlighted portion quite clearly.

Not one single cent has been repaid since last December for, NOT "contributions" , but START-UP costs for Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.

The Bishop, James Alan Wilkowski, an employee of Cook County earning a bit over $35,ooo per year, has 'lied through his teeth', the same as Bill Morton, the President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, lied through his teeth when I lent him $700.00 in January of 2009, and another $725 in July of 2009, to supposedly "keep his apartment at 1205 W. Sherwin Avenue, #803, 60626" here in Rogers Park, the northernmost neighborhood of the City of Chicago.

Oh, yes, I suppose I could find a lawyer, and end up paying through the nose for these grifters' 'bad works'...but I would rather ask the businesses of Rogers Park, a 2.25 square mile area of Chicago:

What good as this Chamber of Commerce done for you?

Are they supporting you with any type of good works, other than showing the photo of the Charmers' coffee mug several times per week on the Chamber blog (

Just how does the Cafe Society help you and your employees?

Is it helping lower your business taxes, your sales taxes?

Is Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce help the efficiency necessary to run a business in 2011?

Has Bill Morton come to your business and spent time with you, helping you sort through some of your business problems? If he has, have there been positive results?

Is Bill Morton and the Board of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce helping you at all?

Because they are lying their lips off to me...for over a year now!

I'm looking at over $2,400 here, owed now for up to TWO YEARS...with no official communication since over a year ago.

Do I want payback? Heck, yes!

Do I care about Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce?

NO--because Bill Morton seems to be an uneducated loser...who can spend money before it's made.

The Bishop has supported him with pizzas from the far South Side, which Bill has fed to his dog, because he had no money to buy dog food for the poor beast!

He had to beg the East Rogers Park community when his 'un-neutered' mixed breed, foundling dog was besieged by a German Shepherd this past summer on the beach...because Bill Morton does not even understand the responsibility required when one keeps a pet!

Perhaps...someday...soon...these grifters who call themselves Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce will receive a 'reality check'.

And I certainly hope Ms. Duncan, Ms. Interlandi Bell, and Mr. Dorjee understand, when they, as the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce Board, voted NOT to repay me START-UP costs, and have to live with their own consciences.