Monday, March 14, 2011

Shhh! I prefer the 'back' nine!

He does not like being criticized, and wants no one to 'bully' him. Man's got some pretty severe psychological problems, dating back to his Communist upbringing!

You might want to wander over to American Thinker, where Frank Burke offers an appraisal of Barack Hussein Obama's management capabililties in the areas of:

Management Style

Team Building and Leadership

Strategic Planning

Crisis Management

Financial Acumen

It's an excellent post, and what intrigued me even more was this comment:

Posted by: Crawdad64
Mar 14, 06:24 AM

Republicans, Tea Partiers, conservatives as a group, need to put forth a strategy that not only turns the country in 2012 back to the Right, but will keep it there for the long haul.

The damage being done now will take more than a first term to undo.

We'll need to invest a team in the first 8 years that is willing to make the changes, cuts and sacrifices to set a path for the future and pave the way for a second administration that will build on that and reestablish Constitutional authority in it's proper balance.

The liberal mold needs to be Cloroxed