Monday, March 14, 2011

Google has once again f*cked with the American public...

...and for what?  Mo' money?

I have been attempting to post the "Fogel family massacre by Islamists" photos, courtesy of I come across this Monday-morning, brand-new-piece-o-crap rendition of 'posting the Google way', which is NEW GARBAGE!

As it may take me several days to reset, I am now convinced it is time to leave the Islam-loving Google, and establish a place to show my photos and air my views elsewhere.

AND...oh. goody, this may allow me to leave my troll, Michael Giovanelli, or Mike Harris--as he sometimes prefers to call himself, the dust of Misericordia Home for the Insane and HE and his cohorts, including Bill Morton and fake, self-appointed bishop James Alan Wilkowski, are.