Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lynn Sweet reports...

Davis to Obama, Clinton: Stay out of it

Chicago mayoral hopeful Danny Davis

Mayoral hopeful Rep. Danny Davis warned former President Bill Clinton — who will be campaigning for rival Rahm Emanuel — to stay out of Chicago politics if he wants to maintain warm relations with African Americans — and told me President Obama should remain neutral as well.

“There are lots of people who supported the Clintons here” Davis told me, referring to the former president as well as Chicago native Hillary Rodham Clinton, now the secretary of state. “I think it would be great if they both took a neutral position.”

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Danny Davis has a lot of 'street smarts', and hopefully will be able to defeat Rahm Emanuel, 'the Chosen One of the supposedly Chosen One'...Barack INSANE Obama!

I support Danny Davis for Mayor of Chicago.